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Smoke, sickness, and no shelter are all things that a soldier would not want to see; Valley Forge is something no one would have ever wanted to see. I have been fighting for nine months and my mother is dying; I will not be re-enlisting. Would you have re-enlisted or quit fighting for yourself and/or others. The reasons I am not going to re-enlist are because of death and illness, harsh conditions, and lack of support and supplies.
First of all, I am not going to re-enlist because of death and illness. There is a 50% chance of getting sick, 25% chance of dying, and there’s no medication which is shown in the chart of Document A. If you are sick out there in the cold you do not have a very good chance of dying and their strategies were not very good. Also they did not have good/any intelligence. Being around others that were sick didn’t help the situation either because there sickness would spread to you as well as the doctors. Having no …show more content…

The soldiers look at the army as they disapprove; the army must have no training. Also the army does not have expensive uniforms or any shoes at all (Doc B). These things are expensive and they didn’t have enough time to get them because this all started in a short amount of time. There was blood everywhere because of the frostbitten feet and bodys. The soldiers couldn’t don anything about it though but quit. Because there is no time to get these things, I am not going to re-enlist. In conclusion, Valley Forge is a place of war and cold temperatures. Even though there is only one month left, my mother is dying and I think I should be with her. I may be letting my country down, but I know that there are others that can help along the way. My family is counting on me to help with my mom. Because of all of these reasons, such as death and illness, harsh conditions, and lack of support and supplies, I will be going home and I will be

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