The Influence Of Money In Politics

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During the birth of our government, our country’s leaders promised our democracy would be the government of the people, by the people, and for the people.(Bernie Sanders) In our current society, it has been said that our political campaign finance system is corrupt and primarily controlled by billionaires, wealthy donors, and corporations. Many say our government has strayed from the original democracy that our country was built upon. Despite this claim, if monetary restrictions for campaigning were set then there would be controversy due to wealthy supporters and corporations wanting to support political candidates. Millionaires and wealthy organizations might come together to form super PACs. Corporations might spend money secretly and candidates …show more content…

Without the influence of money in our elections and the donations from corporations and sponsors, then our political campaign system would be chaotic, full of illegal funding, and secrecy. According to The Atlantic, if restrictions were put on the amount of campaign money spent then wealthy donors, corporations, and unions would be able to spend unlimited amounts of money and may do it in secrecy. Secret donations would make the government and politicians seem less trustworthy because it would be harder to track who and where the money is coming from. Along with spending money in secret, there is the possibility of super pacs coming together outside of a candidate's campaign and spending unlimited amounts of money. According to Opensecrets, super pacs are independent expenditure-only committees that raise money from donors outside of a campaign in order to advocate for or against any specific political candidate. Since super pacs are organized and run by millionaires and billionaires, they raise very large amounts of money that can be used to drastically attack or help candidates. If the government continues to place no restrictions on campaign spending amounts then the rise of super pacs may be avoided and there will be more transparency in a candidate’s campaign than without. If money didn’t have an influence on politics then the government would be less influenced by millionaires and wealthy corporations, therefore citizens of lower classes would have more say in the government. Although, restrictions on spending money could lead to secret transactions with foreign countries. There have been rumors surrounding past candidates such as Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton gaining funds from foreign countries since campaign donors don’t have to be disclosed.(Cloyd) If candidates feel like their shot at winning is in jeopardy then transactions with outside countries is

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