Democrats Vs Federalists Essay

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While the Federalists believe in rule by wealthy class, the Democratic-Republicans supported in rule by the common people. Both Federalists and Democratic-Republicans disregarded the idea of a monarchy. When the Constitution was created, and during the Constitutional Convention, the concept of a monarchy was requested by neither Federalists or Democratic-Republicans. Both of the creators of the 2 parties attended the Constitutional Convention, and they were considered part of the Founding Fathers. While there were many disagreements at the Constitutional Convention, the idea of a monarchy was not desired by any of the intelligent men at the convention. Without being directly spoken, all who showed their presence, knew that a monarchy was not an option for this new government. They had come from the strict ruling of kings and queens in Britain, and no longer wished to have a monarchy as the head of their government. Despite the fact of their two opposing views, a …show more content…

Currently, we have both a wealthy class and common people rule. Everyone (common people) gets to vote, and those votes decide our future. But, because of their wealthy, the wealthy have an advantage when it comes to politics. They can pay a lot for the best lawyer (the best example being the OJ Simpson case) and be proven innocent because the lawyer raised reasonable doubt. Also, wealthy business owners could get the government to move a smaller business/store, using eminent domain, and place their own business at the location, using the words “public use” to tell the people it was for them. All in all, Democratic-Republicans and Federalists have their similarities and also contrast in multiple ways. Democratic-Republicans and Federalists don 't want a monarchy, but, Federalists wanted a wealthy class rule, while Democratic-Republicans wanted a people

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