Similarities Between Super Pacs And 501c4s

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In today’s government, there are two groups that can influence the way people vote for candidates in political races. They are known as a Super Pac and 501c4. Super Pacs are committees that became significant in 2010 after the court decision in the v. Federal Election Commission (Super Pacs). A 501c4 is referred as “social welfare” groups. Their primary focus is to promote social welfare causes (Sullivan). These groups are two way candidates and politicians can gain donations for their candidacy. Lately, these two group have caused some controversy in the government, but it is very certain that 501c4s are the most controversial when comparing it to Super Pacs. In the same way, Super Pacs and 501c4s have similar operations. They…show more content…
Super Pacs are legal because it would be a violation of the first amendment. “Super Pacs says “that corporations are the same as people” and that it would be a violation of free speech if a restriction of donating was placed on them for participating in politics (Cost of Campaigning). 501c4s are considered legal, because their primary purpose is to promote social welfare. They must promote the common good and welfare of the community (Outside Spending). It just so happens that the group can also participate in politics as…show more content…
Supporters of this decision argued that money does not corrupt, while critics believe that it is basically bribery (Montana). In 2011, the state of Montana tried to challenge the US Supreme Court decision by arguing that outside money caused corruption. Montana wanted to uphold their 1912 Corrupt Law, which banned corporations from giving money to campaigns and also acquired disclosure on who gave money to campaigns (Big Sky). The state did not want outside groups manipulating the message and ads of their elections or influencing voters. When it came to the court decision, the court made a 5-to-2 vote, stating that the state of Montana “cannot ignore the Citizens United decision” (Montana). In conclusion, Montana Lost and The US Supreme Court decision was

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