AARP: United States Interest Group Analysis

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One example of an interest group is AARP. AARP is a United States interest group with membership. It was founded in 1958 by Ethel Percy Andrus, Ph.D. And Leonard Davis. AARP has vast membership so it is able to generate its own income without being dependent on government grants or private donors. I read on Tuesday night on Facebook how disappointed they were in the Senate 's vote to proceed on the new healthcare bill and how they would inform 38 million members how their Senators voted so they could hold them accountable. AARP strongly opposes ANY bill that raises healthcare costs and lowers coverage. AARP urged the Senate to focus on bipartisan solutions that will lower the cost and improve care for the American people. They also gave out a number so their members could call their Senators and complain. There were a ton of comments on their page about …show more content…

Another example of an interest group is the National Rifle Association (NRA). NRA is an American nonprofit organization which advocates for gun rights. The NRA is the oldest continuously operating civil rights organization in the United States. NRA was founded in 1871 and has directly lobbied for and against legislation since 1975. In May 2013 membership surpassed 5 million. NRA has supported laws since 1934 such as the National Firearms Act, Federal Firearms Act, Gun Control Act, Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, and Disaster Recovery Personal Protection Act. I personally support the NRA because they make sure that my right to bear arms in the constitution are protected. I carry everywhere I go because you never know what some idiot is thinking about doing and I feel the need to protect my family no matter what it takes. Observers and lawmakers see the NRA as one of the top three most influential lobbying groups in Washington, DC. After 1977, the organization expanded its membership by focusing heavily on political issues and forming coalitions with conservative politicians, most of them being

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