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The interest group that I'm going to do is ALF-CIO. That is American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations. This group is 60 national and international labor unions that represents 13 million working men and women. The whole purpose of this group is to fairness and dignity to the workplace and secure social and economic equality. It's based in Washington DC. The current president of the interest group ALF-CIO that I picked is Richard Trumka. The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organization. Richard Trumka was born on July 24th, 1949 and he was elected president on September 16th ,2009 at the federation's convention in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This interest group has 12 million …show more content…

This interest group was founded in the United States. This interest group was founded to help workers with work-related difficulties such as low pay, unsafe or unsanitary working conditions, long hours and other situations. George Meany founded it. They also help people acquire valuable skills and job-readiness for the 21st century economy. They make sure that everyone that works for a living has family-supporting wages and the ability to retire with dignity. The member services that people receive that are in this group is wireless discounts, credit cards, mortgages, and insurance …show more content…

They disagree with having difficulties with long hours and other conditions. They justify it by making the working conditions safer and they are working on the low pay still. The legislation that its support is retired and working people with unsafe working conditions, and it oppose most rich people that barely work long hours and still get richer. The purpose of this interest group is to help with work related things like working conditions and long hours and difficulties that they might have in the work place that they don't want or need in the workplace where they are working because they want it to be a safe place. They donated $19,028,544. 457,148 to candidates, 16,000 to the Leadership PACs, 53,952 to the contributions party, 16,107 to 527 committees, and 18,470,337 to outside spending groups. Yes, I would join this group because it is doing a good thing and good deed in the life for retired and working families and, they are helping people with long hours and making safer working conditions. I think it's important because this group is helping 12 million active and retired people, and there not just helping the older people they are helping everyone like young and

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