Pros And Cons Of Special Interest Groups

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A political interest group also called an advocacy group, lobbying group, pressure group, or special interest group is determined to persuade or prevent changes in public policy. They have shared ideas and try to influence change in policy. The American political system no longer operates with the American people in mind. Instead, lobbyists and special interest groups govern America, according to their own agendas, not the wishes of the people. Lobbyists and special interest groups buy up support from elected officials in order to push their agendas through. The biggest problem is that special interest groups and private donors can contribute huge amounts of cash to a single candidate while smaller parties go unheard because they do not have …show more content…

This can make the American democracy stronger, because this gives an opportunity for Americans to have better access to their government. But it seems that they only look and think about their personal opinions and not for the majority’s needs. It has been reported that interest groups have committed serious crimes such as bribery, corruption and fraud. Some lobbying firms hire former government officials as members of their staff and they possess knowledge about how to pass legislation for their sponsors. Its flaws like these that have fueled America’s economic decline. America has gone from being a top producer of many manufactured goods including cars, steel, and electronics, to now having to rely on imports for our needs. Currently none of my family or friends that I am aware of are involved with any special interest groups but they may be and just don’t discuss it. In the past my grandfather and my husband were both members of the NRA. Right now gun control is a very hot issue especially with all the shootings. I really don’t think that outlawing guns will work because then it will only criminals with guns. There are many people who can manufacture guns on

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