Interest Group: The Influence Of Interest Groups On Congress

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Influence groups have a major impact on our life’s because they easily influence congress, and congress are the one that implicit laws that could impact our life’s.
I believe that there should be more restriction on interest groups that helps it implements its believe to the people and not directly to congress.
Interest groups have too much influence on congress, I believe that there should be a tougher restriction on interest party’s ability to have that much of an influence on congress. I believe that we should limit interest groups ability by denying them the ability to hire members who used to be in congress and have connections, but we should allow them to advertise them believes to the people and the people could have an influence on …show more content…

But it will be more constitutional that having rich people controlling congress like puppets.
The way that interest groups are now I believe that interest groups have a way bigger influence on law making that the people do, we might have chosen the candidate, but we only had such a big option to choose from and almost all if not an interest group backs all candidates. Which in the end give congress the reason to listen to interest groups more often that the voters, especially because interest groups can afford to spend money on some other congress candidate and replace the one they didn’t like.
An example of an interest groups that is influential is Texas association of business, they have influenced lawmaking by backing and getting lieutenant governor Dan Patrick, which has had a huge impact on lawmaking himself since he is a hear of senate, but they also influence law making by stopping the harsh immigration laws to pass that would have forcefully removed all illegal immigrants. 1 “The group successfully killed many stringent immigration bills.” (Pa 2,

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