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A person’s hobbies say a lot about them as an individual. It is a universal truth that the people you surround yourself with have a major impact in shaping who you are, and the people that coincide with your interests can either change your life for better or for worse. For the past six years of my life, I have been a part of the fine arts community through band. Being a part of the band program has shaped who I am today as a person in many ways. It is in all parts my identity, interest, and talent, and in three to four months out of the year, it is my life. As a nervous freshman about to embark on my high school journey, I had the choice to end my band career. Despite not knowing at all what to expect, I decided to pursue the fine arts into …show more content…

The people that share my hobby, that I spend all my waking minutes with, are the most generous, talented, intelligent, and loving people that you could imagine. These people have helped me grow into who I am as a person now, and are genuine people that I know I will maintain lifelong relationships with. The band that I willingly devote every spare minute of my free time to has come so far, and I have had the honor of experiencing extreme milestones in the path of success for this school. In my first year, we traveled to Bands of America Grand Nationals in Indianapolis for the first time in Round Rock Dragon Band history, and placed fourth out of nearly ninety bands. The following year, we were invited to march in the 2015 Rose Parade in Pasadena, California, which stretched the end of our marching season from the typical October to the beginning of January. This past year we traveled to Indianapolis again and performed a show that, although it placed seventh in finals, emotionally moved every soul in our program deeply. I have invested so much time and hard work into my high school marching band, and it has helped me come a long way in terms of balancing a busy schedule with a large workload. I have learned how to become a successful peer mentor through band leadership, and have grown more confident in my abilities as a student and

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