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I am studying a Psychology degree and this field I have chosen really interests me because I have a passion for helping people. Generally, I am that type of person to put other's happiness and well-being before my own, because it makes me feel like I have a sense of purpose. Also, since I was a little girl I have always been so fascinated with the way people interact, behave, think and feel. I always asked 'why?' and I still do to this very day. No one person is the same as another, we all interact, behave, think and feel differently, and I think this is what amazes me the most.

One strength that is substantive to my career that I believe I have, is empathy. I have always had such an efficacious sense of empathy with the people around me. …show more content…

I am always looking at the colourful side of life and I believe a lot of people are missing that spark in modern society. Almost everybody is diagnosed with depression at some point in their life these days. I believe in spreading positivity to every person I meet. As a psychologist, this will be a great implement, using positive psychology techniques with my …show more content…

One strength that I described earlier, compassion, could be an influential factor leading to burnout in my prospective career as a Psychologist. If in a highly stressful situation with a client, too much compassion or empathy regarding the situation may cause me to care too much for my client and forget my own self-care. If I were to have a patient who has experienced domestic violence, I believe it could cause me to become too emotionally invested in the patient, or cause myself to experience burnout or vicarious trauma. This is because I have previously been in a relationship with domestic violence. However, to be able to successfully help the people I am working with, which is my goal, I must be able to control my own emotions and not let them overwhelm me and possibly cause burnout or vicarious trauma. Some simple ways of doing this may in include: Exercising regularly, such as running which I enjoy; avoid eating junk food and replace it with healthier eating habits, also avoid the use of caffeine (which I regularly enjoy); get into a sleeping routine and practice getting a good night's sleep. Lastly, laughter is the best cure for stress, so developing a sense of humour to alleviate the stress would be a fantastic coping

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