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A. Petechiae Pinpoint hemorrhagic areas that occur during birth and disappear 2-3 days after birth
B. Forceps Marks Linear marks across both sides of the face in the shape of the blades of the forceps. Marks resolve on their own over several days
C. Pathologic Jaundice Higher levels of unconjugated bilirubin that appears in the first 24hrs and requires phototherapy to resolve
D. Port wine stain Red birthmarks that are smooth made up of tiny capillaries. They are not blanch on pressure or disappear
E. Hemangioma Raised growth that is bright or dark red
F. Café Au Lait Spots Flat pigmented birthmarks
Head: Normal Finding or Definition
A. Relationship to body Makes up ¼ of the body length

B. Relationship to Chest 2-3 cm less than head circumference …show more content…

Fractured Clavicle Occurs in during difficult birth due to unequal movement of the upper extremities Abdomen: Normal Finding
A. Shape Round, dome shaped and nondistended
B. Umbilical Cord Two arteries, one vein, whitish gray color, odorless
C. Bowel sounds Present 1-2 hours after birth
Abnormal Abdomen: Definition
A. Distension: Fullness of the abdomen above the umbilicus caused by ruptured viscus or tumors.
B. Imperforate Anus Blockage of the anus or missing of the anus
C. Meconium Ileus Bowel obstruction caused by thick abnormal meconium
Genitalia: (complete female and male) Normal finding or Definition
A. Female (labia, clitoris, meatus, edema, pseudo-menstruation) 2pts Labia majora covers the labia minora and clitoris and are usually edematous
Meatus is beneath the clitoris, difficult to see due to the edema
A hymenal tag should be present
Pseudo-menstruation, a blood tinged discharge caused by pregnancy hormones is common
B. Male penis, scrotum, rugae, phimosis, testes circumcision, edema) 2pts Foreskin covers glans the meatus is at tip of penis and not retractable
If circumcised the prepuce is removed
Scrotum is covered in rugae and its large edematous and hangs low
C. Anus Patent and not covered by a

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