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Pharmacology Assignment Week 4 Marty Smith is a 67-year-old male who has called 911 after experiencing chest pain and dizziness. The paramedics arrive and notice a bottle of nitroglycerin on the table. The patient states he has angina and is to take the medication as needed for chest pain. He took one pill an hour ago and a second pill 10 minutes prior to calling 911. Prior to this evening’s chest pain, he ate at a buffet and consumed 4 whiskey drinks. His ECG is not indicative of a myocardial infarction. What are the clues that helped the paramedic determine why the nitroglycerin did not alleviate the man’s angina? The paramedics knew the chest pain was coming from heartburn. You get heartburn from overeating and drinking. Heartburn can mimic a heart attack, drinking alcohol can cause heartburn also. When you use nitroglycerin it relieves the pressure in your chest. The first pill should give relief in one to five minutes after taking it. If you don't get relief from the first pill in five minutes you should take a second pill. If that don't give you any relief then that is when you need to go to the hospital. Why did dizziness accompany his angina? The Dizziness could come from drinking the alcohol. The dizziness also could be from the nitroglycerin because it is one of the side effects from …show more content…

Myocardial Infarction which is another word for Heart-attack. When you have an heart-attack your blood is not getting to your heart's muscle. This means your arteries are clogged. Blood is pumped through your arteries to all of the parts in your body. If you have a heart condition you shouldn't smoke, you should diet and exercise, you should watch your Blood Pressure if you have to take medication for your Blood Pressure make sure you take the prescribed medication. There is no way to avoid stress, but you can not worry yourself about things that you can't control or that you can not

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