Mr Collins Case Study

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Module Three
Question One
Mr Collins, a 27-year-old male, is involved in a serious motor vehicle accident. He sustains severe trauma to his legs and large pools of blood are seen at his feet. His heart rate is 128 b.p.m. And his blood pressure was 80/55 mmHg. His breathing is laboured and his RR is 37/min. An ECG reading showed that Mr Collins had developed sinus tachycardia. He was anxious, and tachypnoea. Peripheral pulses (except the brachial pulse) were absent. Capillary refill time was 7-8 seconds. Mr Collins’ skin was cool and clammy. What type of shock is this patient experiencing? Explain how loss of blood would lead to the signs and symptoms observed.

The patient is experiencing hyopvolaemic shock, which is defined as a clinical

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