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Strengths: As a student one of my strengths is organization. I can say I can keep my school materials and notebooks organized in a way that I and others can comprehend. The reason I can say I am organized is because, I have hardly ever had in the past or present any issues with trying to find homework or assignments because I always kept my materials for each class organized and in a place I could easily find. Another strength I have is social skills. I can believe that I communicate with others well in a group. The reason for this is that I can explain topics in a group if someone does not understand, I can say that this skill came with confidence to speak up and trust myself. Weaknesses: As a student one of my biggest weaknesses …show more content…

The opportunities I see in my everyday life are making sure I put a smile on someone 's face, or letting someone know that they are special . The opportunities I have in my academic life is somewhat limited not mentally or because I don 't believe in myself but for the reason that going to college is expensive. This is why I decided to take the opportunity of going to challenger because in all honesty the cost of going to college would be too expensive for my family. Opportunities that could come across my time in life could be scholarships, internships that can lead to experience in a career. Temptations: One of the things I notice that make my opportunities derail is the loss of motivation and doubt in believing that I can achieve the goals I have set for myself. Other temptations that have crossed my mind are using my time during school to hang out with friends instead to getting homework and assignments finished, I believe that this won 't be a problem as I have strong morals but the thought does cross my mind. Hanging out with friends could also derail my opportunities in life as I one day may choose to make other things priorities instead of the things that really matter like my aspirations in

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