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SWOT Analysis Before we implemented our opioid addiction and rehabilitation service, it was important for us to examine what obstacles we might face and need to overcome as well as what we might be able use in our favor to help with our service. We performed a SWOT analysis to help identify the external opportunities and threats that were present as well as our internal strengths and weaknesses so that we might more efficiently jumpstart our service. External SWOT Analysis First we came together and identified several key opportunities and threats that were present and needed to be evaluated so that we might could take advantage of them if beneficial or work around them if detrimental. Opportunities • Alabama has one of the highest incidences of prescription …show more content…

Legal repercussions may drive some abusers away from seeking help as their fear of going to jail may override their desire to seek rehabilitation. • There is a social stigma associated with drug abuse that may keep regular customers away, hurting our business in the process. This may be the case until we establish a solid reputation within the community and show that we accept all patients in need. Internal SWOT Analysis Lastly we analyzed what we had going for us and what we had going against us internally. We identified several important strengths that would benefit us and also a few weaknesses that are important to be aware of and overcome in the future. Strengths • An important strength that we have in our pharmacy is the desire to serve our community and improve it in any way we can. Our desire to improve our community through the reduction of opioid dependence is what our service is founded on and is vital for our success. • Our staff will consist of employees specially trained in rehabilitation services. This would enable us to serve the community more efficiently and

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