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The John Rhodes Community Centre Pool (John Rhodes) is a public pool owned by the City of Sault Ste. Marie that offers public swim and swimming lessons (Matthews, Radford, Maxfield, McCaig, McCaig,vClargo, & Cotgreave, n.d.)

Problem Statement Kate Smith, the Aquatic Supervisor, has to decide if switching to the new Red Cross Swim program is the right choice. Additionally, she must deal with ongoing parent pressuring and complaints towards the current program and staff. Lastly, with a limited marketing budget, she must effectively market the different programs John Rhodes has to offer to increase capacity during the off-peak hours in the summer evenings (Matthews et al., n.d.).

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Therefore it’s difficult to determine an exact amount of anticipated revenue, but as long as having the facility open during off-peak hours doesn’t create a deficit, consider it a success. When lifeguard and instructors begin exhibiting the proper behaviours while on the job, common customer complaints regarding them will drop to a negligible amount. If the complaints do not cease, consider disciplinary measure if necessary until the desired behaviour is achieved. Contingency If the recommendations fail to increase off-peak revenues, consider discontinuing any new program and return to the original summer schedule. Additionally, as a feasible alternative, consider offering discounts for current clients who refer a friend for lessons. However, this could negatively impact the bottom line in the short term, but will correct itself in the long term as customers generally stay enrolled for a period of 3 years (Matthews et al.,

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