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  • Swimming In Swimming

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    Introduction Swimming is a sport widely practices all over the world. It can be done as a competitive sport, for general exercise or as a fun activity to relax. Swimming was not widely practiced until the early 19th century, when the National Swimming Society of Great Britain began to hold competitions. Most early swimmers used the breaststroke, or a form of it. (Olympic Movent.2013.) Swimming is classified into four different strokes namely freestyle, backstroke, breast stroke and butterfly. The

  • Disadvantages Of Expert Swimming

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    discussion by listing the main causes of this fear. The Main Causes 1. This fear can be related to a frightening experience that happened during childhood. 2. It is sometimes caused by the instinctive fear of death (i.e. drowning). 3. It can be taught by swimming instructors who use stressful or ineffective teaching methods. 4. It may be related to the “fear of the unknown.” Many people do not want to swim

  • The Iliad: The Benefits Of Swimming

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    Written testament to early swimming falls within the past 3,000 years. The Bible, the Iliad, the Odyssey all contain references to swimming. Thucydides said the activity in scripts that are 2,400 years old. Murals of the Tepantila House at Teotihuacan near Mexico City show men taking the plunge into the waters of Tlalocan, the heavenly pool of Tlaloc, god of water. Many of the world's ancient civilisations swam, including the Egyptians, the Phoenicians, Persians, Romans and Greeks. Bathing was a

  • Essay On Synchronised Swimming

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    Title Basic Skills and Positions in Synchronised Swimming Meta-keywords Scull, eggbeater, lifts, position, flyer, base, pusher Article Summary This article talks about basic synchronised swimming skills like sculling and treading water. It illustrates some common synchronised swimming positions and the components of a lift. The basic skills you will need in synchronised swimming is sculling and treading water with a kick called the "eggbeater". There are also many positions that you can learn to

  • Persuasive Essay About Swimming

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    turn my head up and take a breath.” That is how Jenna Ward (November 8, 2016) described the feeling of swimming. Everyone should be able to feel the thrill of accomplishing something so important as swimming. Swimming is a life saving skill all people should learn to do. I have a personal experience with the need to know how to swim. My neighbor drowned when she was five-years-old. She was swimming at a friends house. When no one was watching she jumped in the deep end. She didn’t know how to swim

  • Day School Swimming Personal Statement

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    honor, wisdom, respect, and compassion. My dedication to swimming and to the Day Camp have allowed me to become more actively involved in the community. Through these acts of service and leadership, my true self emerges strong and emboldened. The sport of swimming is remarkable and inspiring as it opens your eyes to a whole new light. After ten years of dedication, I have had the embrace of the team experience and grown in so many ways. Swimming has taught me to be to put forth my best effort, to never

  • Persuasive Essay About Swimming

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    tons of reasons why people go swimming. Some people do it as a sport, like the American Olympian, Michael Phelps, who basically dedicated a couple of years of his life for swimming while taking home gold medals for his county. Some people swim for fun, especially during the summer. Beaches and resorts are always packed so some people also use this as a form of business, just like lifeguards, whose job is to rescue people who couldn 't swim or are having trouble swimming. This leads to safety, it is

  • My Swimming Career: A Short Story

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    bench waiting to be escorted to the starting blocks, I couldn’t help but think, this is the end of my swimming career. I had spent the last eleven years of my life dedicating my life to this sport and it was all ending. I remembered all the six am practices, the miles and miles traveled to swim meets, and the thousands of yards I had put into my training. I looked over at my cousin, who was also swimming at state in the 100 breaststroke as me, and flashed a nervous smile. She looked at me with big eyes

  • Personal Narrative: Synchronized Swimming

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    participated in another try-it day. This time it was for synchronized swimming. The girls on the team knoxed our hair, did our makeup, helped us decorate suits, and taught us our very own routine. I was a mess with bad hair and crooked goggles, nearly drowning the entire time, but I was in love. I had never felt so free as I did in the water, and dreamed of being as elegant and artistic as the swimmers were. So I took official swimming lessons and joined the team when I was ten. For the next six years

  • Personal Narrative Essay About Swimming

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    done with the swimming season. I had one final meet of the season left, regionals. For me, regionals was the only meet where I had to leave everything in the pool, and it is where I could see months and months of training finally pay off. This is the only meet where I could qualify for the State. In high school swimming, in order to qualify for the state swim meet you have to be within the top 24 people ranked in the state after regionals. There is also only one division in swimming it is not like

  • Persuasive Essay On High School Swimming

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    lives as an adult, but for many the price of swimming lessons is high. Incorporating swimming as a high school sport in South Dakota would allow kids to get involved in swimming at low cost and generate more widespread investment in the sport. There should be high school swimming in South Dakota because it is a sport for many types of people, it’s very healthy physically and mentally, and teaching more kids to swim reduces drowning rates. To begin, swimming is a sport for various types of people. To

  • Personal Narrative: Real Talk Swimmers Swimming

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    Without her I would not be who I am today. I would not be a swimmer. And swimming is something I can 't imagine my life without. I might not be as accepting of others. Real talk swimmers are a pretty interesting group with even more interesting quirks. I 'm sure every group has that something that sets them apart from the other

  • Swimming Pool Case Study

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    A swimming pool is a place where you can have fun during your leisure time. It is a place where you can swim with friends and your relatives. However, these swimming pools need to clean it from time to time. A swimming pool requires proper cleaning, servicing and maintenance. A slight negligence in maintenance can be detrimental. Removing the debris and maintaining a balance of water is not enough. Equipment such as the pool pump, filter among others require servicing from time to time. There are

  • Figurative Language In Lynne Cox's Swimming To Antarctica

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    The autobiography that I read was Swimming to Antarctica by world renowned swimmer, Lynne Cox. In the novel, figurative language was often used to create lucid sentences and vivid setting, which makes it an interesting and easily comprehensible read. This essay will be discussing the main theme and tone using figurative language written by the author, Lynne, as examples. In my opinion, the figurative language in Swimming to Antarctica assists in the development of the main theme which is: anything

  • Personal Narrative: My Synchronized Swimming Team

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    There is a bond between me and the girls on my synchronized swimming team. I stand in the center of an intricate web, ropes tying me to all twenty-five girls. Some of the connections are loose, providing enough slack to allow independent movement. Others are tightly wound, connecting me to my teammates completely. As my swimming team’s captain, I have gained awareness to my team’s deeper level of relationships. I must pay attention to the outer reaches of the web, where the girls cling on only by

  • Revealing The Facts Behind Myths About Swimming For Kids

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    Guest Post Keyword – Swimming Lessons Peoria AZ Revealing the Facts behind Myths about Swimming for Kids Swimming is one exercise that you can keep practicing till as long as you want to. Also, very few exercises bring as many benefits to an individual as swimming. Quite obviously therefore, swimming is a recommended exercise for the present-day kids who get little time to relax and have fun amidst their busy schedules. Making sure that your little one learns how to swim from a very early age is

  • Personal Narrative Essay On Swimming

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    When I was eight years old, I joined the Shaker Sharks swim team. I was put in the lowest group and struggled to swim even a 25. I considered swimming a hobby at best, not even realizing it was a sport. Two years later, my family and I moved to Solon. I switched teams to join the Solon Stars Swim Club. The environment was far more competitive, which I noticed immediately. I was also beginning to understand the value of a team, a support system greater than oneself. One time at a meet, I had been

  • Personal Narrative: How Swimming Changed My Life

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    For the last two years swimming has taken up most of my time. That time was spent getting faster, conversing with teammates, and helping the younger girls get better. After practice one day my coach informed me that I would not be making the sections team because of my time. Being the first senior in five years not to make it, I felt like a failure. For the next few days of practice I checked out mentally. My times suffered because of my apathetic attitude. My body felt slow and lethargic along

  • Persuasive Essay On Swimming Vs Soccer

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    I have always liked soccer and swimming. I loved just going to the soccer field and just have some fun with friends. It was difficult though if someone criticized your every move. If someone was actually on the team and they say you wouldn’t be good enough to get on the team would really put your hopes down. Also, with swimming, I would love to go in the summer and go to the lake all the time. But, if someone on a swimming team says you wouldn’t even be able to handle it, how do you think that would

  • How To Write A Narrative Essay About High School Swimming

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    When I walked into the pool area on my first day of high school swimming practice in seventh grade, I made two goals for myself to accomplish during my high school swimming career: break the Sartell school record of 55.88 seconds in the 100 yard backstroke and win the MSHSL Class A State Championship in that event as well. For six years, I trained everyday with these goals in the back of my mind. After numerous trips to the State meet, I had yet to achieve what I had set out to do. When I qualified