Athletes Standards

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High Standards As early as the third grade, I remember being involved in sports. Whether it was volleyball, basketball, or dance I have been given the privilege to play on many teams. The life of a young athlete is great, however, it can become very stressful. At all ages an athlete is forced to cope with school, sports, and a social life. Along with all of that, athletes are expected to deal with extra stress and even stricter rules. Over the years I have realized all athletes are treated differently and are held to a higher standard. (1) Why are standards higher for student-athletes a person might ask? One way athletes are held to a higher standard is through their behavior and academics. Student athletes must have exceptional behavior and grades to be eligible to play in sporting events. This enforces the student-athletes to commit to working hard …show more content…

To do this they have to be confident in themselves and others. Sports take a lot of time and dedication, but with numerous amounts of practices, athletes are able to succeed as a team. On and off the court, they have to trust in themselves and in their other teammates. Through athletes, peers can have a better understanding of believing in themselves and others. This is one way athletes are forced to be role models. Not only do they tend to work well with others, but also are able to be better problem solvers. Student athletes are expected to be leading and dedicating individuals.(4) In conclusion, I have realized that all athletes are a held to a higher standard than the average student. They must work hard to keep a high grade point average in school. Athletes also have to play hard in sports as well as working well with others. Athletes are constantly being watched closely so they are less likely to get into trouble. Overall, student-athletes can truly be leaders and are looked up to by others. This is why they are always held to a higher standard.

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