Should College Athletes Be Paid Essay

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Athletic programs are one of the main aspects that draw students to specific colleges and universities all across the globe. According to the National Council of Youth Sports, about 60 million children and teens participate in at least one organized sport each year. As these age groups transition into college, about 520,000 of these young adults continue to participate in college level athletics, according to the National College Athletic Association. The NCAA was founded in 1906, and this organization has never paid athletes for their participation. College can be incredibly costly, therefore, many of these athletic programs offer financial assistance to students. This benefit creates more affordable and inviting experiences to students nationwide. …show more content…

College athletics is a multimillion dollar industry, and this revenue generates profits for multiple different parties such as administrators, coaches, and local communities. According to the Department of Education, college sports programs acquired $14 billion in 2019, which is an increase in $10 billion since 2003. This highlights the rapidly rising revenue rate of collegiate athletic programs over the past years. Since the players are the individuals making each of these programs a success and producing proceeds, they should earn a salary. Without the players, the organizations would not be able to produce such soaring …show more content…

This emphasizes that although athletic programs offer financial assistance to many students, the organizations do not fully cover the tuition of college. This relates directly to the argument about time management. If student athletes do not have enough time to work a job, then it translates into the funding of their education. Society often thinks that sport scholarships are given generously, when in reality they are not. Earning a “full ride” scholarship is tremendously challenging and rare. Student athletes have to earn appropriate grades, attend practices and other laborious tasks, all while trying to provide for room and board and other living

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