Student Athletes Argument Essay

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Out of high school, many students receive scholarships to follow their passion of playing sports; these college athletes take on the responsibility of being a leader to their universities and their team. Student athletes should view playing sports as an addition to completing their studies, not a replacement. Many believe student athletes should solely focus on bettering their “game” in order to make it to the professional sports league. While this is important, student athletes should also be expected to go above and beyond with their actions in and out of the classroom. College athletes should be held accountable for their education as well as their behavior, by both them-selves and their coaches. Coaches should hold their players accountable …show more content…

They are the so-called “role models” of the sports fans within their universities. The athletes need to show positive behavior inside and out-side the classroom in order to influence their peers in a positive way. The editorials provided on Sportster suggest there are already many athletes using their position to their advantage, one of which is Larry Fitzgerald (Arizona Cardinals). This young man is known for his modest repre-sentation. Recorded within an interview, Fitzgerald stated that he wants to be sure he is always setting a good example for the younger generation. Fitzgerald also stated that there is more to life than just playing sports, that being a good citizen and give back to people less fortunate is more important than any sport (Kraft). These simple acts and statements rub off on those who follow college football, and present them with the chance to better themselves. Student athletes can also influence their environment by proving to other students that they are still involved and focused in their studies despite the common belief. Athletes can do this by always showing up for class, joining study groups, and/or raising their G.P.A. By focusing on their studies and behavior, stu-dent athletes better themselves as well as their

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