Student Athlete Argumentative Essay

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Children have strived for years to make their parents, teachers and coaches proud of them. Kids have come to practice Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday, and Friday to get better, while their academics are suffering. Students have pushed their bodies to the limits, causing extreme injury that will hold them back from sports in the future. Student athletes are not getting the opportunity to play multiple sports during the year, because they are expected to spelize in one sport and focus on it year round, leaving no opportunity to play other sports or do other activities. Youth sports are becoming too intense for young children to keep up with.
“Student athlete,” we all have heard the phrase and for some it might apply, but truly how hard is it to be a student athlete. For years students have complained about homework, due dates, and test because they all claim to not have the time and that is because they go to practice six out of the seven days of the week. According to the University of Penn State, and Travis Vogan, a professor at the University of Iowa, “Recognized that “an athlete’s education options are limited.” Due to daily practices, meetings, workouts, and …show more content…

Coaches, and parents are pushing students beyond limits and eventually it 's going to catch up to everybody. We need to lighten up on youth sports and realize that they are just kids. We cannot as coaches and parents expect student to be at their greatest potential every hour of everyday. Students need time for school they need time with their friends. If athletes play the same sport year round they will get burnt out and get caught in single sport specialization. Athletes will struggle with injuries from being pushed too hard. As an adult we need to realize that students and athletes are trying as hard as they can and we need to step back a little and realize that they are being pushed way to

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