Addiction Services Council Case Study

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The Addiction Services Council is a non-profit organization. It provides services to those that have an addiction to tobacco, or other drug related issues. They have provided services since 1957 they have always aimed at providing services to help improve the quality of life to the residents of Cincinnati and the surrounding areas. Since 1949 the focus of Addiction Services Council has been to reduce problems related to alcoholism, and drug addiction through the delivery of treatment and prevention services. The Addiction Services Council has been providing services for 65 years they have a wide range of programs that serves children, adolescents, families, women, older adults. They also serve people that have co-occurring substances abuse …show more content…

The agency integrity has always been honest, trustworthy and incorruptible they have always adhered to a strict code of moral conduct. They pay attention to detail and strive to provide their consumers with the highest quality of education and treatment with continuous improvement in the delivery of their services.

The Addiction Services Council goal is to treat their consumers with compassion to respect their cultural differences and to always provide support and encouragement to their clients. The Addiction Services Council greatest strength is that they never turn anyone away from receiving services from them. If the council is unable to provide a client with their services they will seek new resources for the client and they will refer the client to other treatment facilities

The weakness that I have seen is between the staff is not often, but there has been miscommunication between the staff. One example is that one staff member set an individual for another staff member and the staff member was not notified of the appointment. The client showed up for the individual and the staff member was unable to see the client, because of his prior comments that

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