Abuse In Louisiana

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What "normies" don't understand about addiction is it's not a choice. Once an individual crosses that imaginary line and becomes addicted to a substance, they are in the grips of an illness that takes no prisoners. At that point, the only way back to a normal way of living is by getting help from a professional treatment center that specializes in drug and alcohol addiction.

If you live with addiction in the Shreveport region of Louisiana, you should know there are at least eight quality rehab centers supporting local residents. Shreveport is the third largest city in the state with almost 200,000 resident. The city has a robust economy based on a variety of service industries as well as gambling and entertainment venues.

If you feel you can handle getting treatment in a busy environment without falling prey to temptation, this is a great destination for substance abuse treatment. For visitors from other regions, there are numerous quality accommodations (motels, restaurants, shopping) in a variety of price ranges. While you or perhaps a family member are undergoing treatment, supportive family members will find Shreveport to be a comfortable place to stay on a temporary basis. …show more content…

What is surprising is that smaller communities face many of the same issues. How bad are the problems? As class one substances like heroin, meth and Oxycontin have gained in popularity in recent years, drug crimes and overdoses have experienced a noticeable increase. In 2013, 13.2 residents out of every 100,000 residents statewide met with untimely deaths because of their inability to conquer their drug problems. At the end of the day, rehabilitation is the only way to reverse these troubling

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