Quitting Cold Turkey Research Paper

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While every addiction is different, the majority of patients in recovery need inpatient drug rehab to quit their addiction for good. Quitting cold turkey is never advisable because of withdrawal effects. For a safe detox, individuals need a Louisville alcohol rehab center that offers medically-supervised withdrawals and professional support.

Over the years, your body has become dependent on drugs and alcohol to feel normal. Addictive substances rewire the connections in your mind so that you have problems thinking, feeling happy or enjoying life when you quit using. When you stop using, your body basically panics as it loses access to the chemicals that it is used to. This is the main reason why individuals experience withdrawal symptoms …show more content…

While withdrawal symptoms are at their highest, individuals may feel a strong desire to begin using drugs again. Reaching out to drugs and alcohol for relief is a common occurrence during withdrawals. If the patient is at a Louisville alcohol rehab center, the withdrawal process is supervised so that they cannot access any drugs. This heightens the chances that you will be able to obtain and maintain a sober lifestyle.

What to Look for in a Rehab Center

Every person is different, so you need a rehab center that offers personalized programs that are tailored to your needs. Yoga therapy, family counseling and group support help patients to rebuild new lives without their addiction. In addition, patients should consider treatment centers that offer gender responsive programs, medically-supervised detoxification and counseling options.

Getting treatment is the first step toward recovery for Kentucky residents. If you are looking for a Louisville alcohol rehab center, you can start by calling Lakeview Health at XXX-XXX-XXXX. You deserve to have a healthy, happy lifestyle, and Lakeview Health can help. Contact us today to begin your journey down the path to

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