West Texas Rehab Research Paper

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After all the time spent suffering from an addiction, it becomes increasing important for addiction victims to select a rehab center that makes sense when they are ready for help. Most rehab centers will put forth claims of how good its treatment programs are compared to other places. Without much else to compare to, reputation becomes a key factor for consideration. With that in mind, it 's worth us noting that many a West Texas Rehab has a solid reputation for excellent treatment and care. (-- removed HTML --) Is a West Texas Rehab Really a Viable Treatment Solution? (-- removed HTML --) No one is saying that a West Texas Rehab is going to have all the solutions. It might not always be convenient or even practical to seek treatment in the region. However, a solid treatment center like Healing Springs in Tioga, Texas has a lot to offer. With a complete focus on each patient as an individual, …show more content…

Using an "Integrated Addiction Model (I.AM)", the counselors and clinicians are able to focus on the "Why" of each person 's addiction. We further enhance this approach by also using the 12 step principles, a trauma Model and functional medicine practices. The end goal is always identifying triggers and teaching the patient how to cope with life on life 's terms without needing a harmful substance. While some of the resort style rehabs may have more fun appeal, Healing Springs is all about the healing process. We use the personal touch to make everyone feel comfortable about being part of an addiction treatment program. This ultimately helps patients feel more compelled to participate in their own recovery. (-- removed HTML --) More About the Healing Springs Facility (-- removed HTML

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