Persuasive Speech: Don T Use Heroin

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General purpose: To persuade
Specific Purpose: At the end of my speech my audience will be persuaded not to use heroin.
Central idea: Three reasons why you shouldn’t use heroin: first, addiction; second, commit crimes; third, death.
Introduction: How many of us have taken a pain reliever? Did you know 45% of people who used heroin were also addicted to prescription opioid painkillers. The use of heroin is drastically growing; many people are dying of overdose or getting killed over the drug. For example, my aunt works in a hospital, she read the report of a 23-year-old her patient that had ate 46 bags of heroin and now was in intensive care. My speech today on heroin will be divided in two parts, the first part of my speech I will be talking about, current problems we will face if we use heroin, the second …show more content…

Although it doesn’t seem that easy, if we seek help from professionals we can eventually end the addiction.
1. There is phycologist who are willing to provide the assistance needed to solve your problems.
B. Moreover, by start attending rehabilitation meetings we can be one step closer in ending the addiction once and for all.
1. There are many treatment centers such as Narcotics Anonymous to serve the need. (
2. Ordinarily there are 24 hour hotlines ready to service you with your needs.
Conclusion: You have heard some of the terrible statistics regarding the use of heroin and what it has cause today in our society. You have heard some solutions to help yourself or others in need. Don’t think that this cannot happen to you; don’t think that you’re not going to get fooled. We need to all take our part and become more aware of what the use of heroin can cause to our lives. Think about the student right next to you, don’t they all deserve to live their life to the fullest? I’d rather be the part of a statistic of college students that don’t use heroin or drugs at all. Hopefully my speech had implored you to be more aware to not use

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