Needle Exchange Programs Argumentative Essay

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The purpose of Needle Exchange programs are to reduce the increasing number of infections such as HIV and Hepatitis C among individuals by providing clean needles and syringes to drug users who inject themselves. These government funded programs supply free clean needles to drug addicts so that they are at a lower risk of sharing needles and spreading diseases.

There are many supporters for Needle Exchange programs. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2016), state “syringe service programs are an effective component of a comprehensive, integrated approach to HIV prevention among people who inject drugs”. Additional support comes from Allen, Ruiz, Jones, & Turner (2016). These advocate 's report, “syringe exchange programs play …show more content…

Education about overdose or providing referrals to medical and social services such as health screenings are offered. Also, incorporating harm reduction strategies into public health interventions for people who inject drugs may be helpful in resolving other health care (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2016).

One argument against Needle Exchange programs is that by providing needles and syringes to addicts, the government is essentially condoning illicit and immoral behavior (“Debate: Needle exchanges”). Drug users are continuously given free access of clean utensil to shoot up. Instead of providing them access, the government should focus on punishing drug users, discourage drug-use, and provide more treatment for quitting …show more content…

Each time an addict injects themselves, they are at risk of overdosing and potentially dying. If the government is really concerned about the health and well-being of addicts, they should implement strategies to treat the addicts. A good metaphor is used in the article “Say No To Needle Distribution Programs, (2014) the metaphor refers to Russian Roulette in that handing out clean needles is a form of Russian Roulette. A user can go and get needles numerous times and be fine but one they will be unlucky and one day the addict 's needle will be the last needle

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