Endgame: AIDS In Black America Directed By Renata Simone

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“Endgame: AIDS in Black America” directed by Renata Simone is a documentary that features the obstacles that Black people with AIDS have encountered throughout the history in the United States. The documentary describes the history of where the stigma of the epidemic comes from and also reveals the excerpts from men, women, and youth born or have contracted the virus. In addition, the documentary reveals how AIDS affects Black communities today. The documentary focuses on the urban communities, as well as rural communities in the South in which AIDS is widespread. Moreover, the documentary provides examples of how social aspects such as SES, race, sexuality, and politics, perceive and react to AIDS in African-American communities throughout …show more content…

The “Bluff” needle exchange program was a program that helped advocate AIDS and promoted a greater hygienic approach to drug use. In turn, this helped combat the transmissions of HIV. Because the Drug Paraphernalia Law made it illegal for people to carry needles, it caused people to turn to shooting galleries instead. For instance, instead of the law combating the use of drugs, the sharing of needles caused an increase in the spread of the disease. The “Bluff” is an interesting and thought-provoking concept because of the conflicting opinions about the program from the community. For example, is the program truly decreasing the number of people transmitting HIV with needles, or is the program further influencing the use of drugs and deteriorating the community? However, the documentary revealed that there were numerous drug users who dispose of their used needles, in order to obtain new ones. This scene demonstrated that people in the community are attempting to decrease the spread of the disease, and wanting to prevent HIV and AIDS amongst themselves. However, this not only reveals problems such as prominent drug use that the communities have, it reveals that are issues beyond AIDS and that AIDS is simply not an independent …show more content…

One solution is for health counselors being widely available for people who are struggling with AIDS. In addition, schools must also educate their students about AIDS, while being mindful of the students who have AIDS.
Another solution to address the stigma of the AIDS epidemic on an institutional level is by having high-profile personalities such as Magic Johnson, being an advocate of AIDS, because this may lessen the stigma of AIDS in lower-SES communities and allow people relate and feel more comfortable speaking up about AIDS. With that said, the United States must improve their health-care system by investing more money on health centers and clinics in low-SES neighborhoods, but also health-care providing equal and fair medical treatment and resources that people of high-SES backgrounds are receiving.
A solution to address the stigma of the AIDS epidemic on an individual level is for friends and family members to encourage people to seek help by speaking to HIV or AIDS counselors. Also, encourage people to get tested for AIDS as well. When one is in a relationship, they should simply be honest about their condition so that other people do not contract the

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