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Interview#3(1970-80) Bill Bryan was born on June 8, 1977. He is currently 38 years old. Bill grew up in a religious household. His family was very much into politics and history. He and his family were huge Reagan fans. This caused Bill to take interest in history. As he got older, he formed a liberal perspective. He also said that socially he is a Democrat but has Republic tendencies. Bill thought that the music back then was horrible. It was techno, Pop, and Backstreet Boys. He thought that it had no adversity, that it was only about the entertainment. He liked to listen to the 70s music and heavy metal like Guns and Roses, Poison, and Greenday. Growing up, him and his friends used to go on road tips to all different places. He also liked to play soccer. He …show more content…

He also remembers the Gulf War in 1991. There was always the fear of war. Bill knew many people who were scared that they were going to get sent to war. One of the historical events that Bill remembers the most is the Aids epidemic. Bill knew how this could affect people, because his uncle died from aids in 1989. Also Magic Johnson a basketball player came out and said he had Aids. This put a scare out to everyone in the world. He remember since a big time basketball player has it everyone was scared that they could get it. People became more area of what the disease was and what it could do to people. Bill said that he was scared to drink from water fountains because he didn 't want to get the disease. The benefit of this was it caused people to be more careful, to make smarter decisions. It scared people into not doing drugs and to be more because of what they were doing. Bill remembers this causing the anti gay movement/era. Because aids spread to gays Bill remembers people saying they deserve it they got whats coming to them. These are some of the historical events Bill

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