Brief Summary: The Life Of John Brown

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Have you ever wondered if your beliefs are your own, or if you have been indoctrinated by your parents? Just like some parents make their children go to church every Sunday, John Brown’s parents raised him to have a strong hatred of slavery. Sometimes indoctrination is positive. John Brown was an abolitionist who believe, unlike many other, that slavery was evil. John brown was born on May 9, 1800, in Torrington, Connecticut. John Brown worked as a radical abolitionist. John Brown had four brothers and one sister. John’s brothers names were Jason, Owen, Frederick I, and Frederick II. John Brown’s sisters name was Ruth. John Brown married Mary Ann Day while she was still a tenager. John Brown had 13 Children. Only six of John Brown’s 13 children …show more content…

John Brown is a risk taker because he helped to free the slaves, which came at a deadly cost. According to Fergus M. Bordewich., it says “He was willing to sacrifice his life for the cause of blacks, and for this in a culture that was simply marinated in racism, he was called mad.” According to Fergus M. Bordewich John Brown would sacrifice his life to help slaves become free. This shows that John Brown would risk his life to ensure that slaves would escape safely to freedom. According to Robert E. McGlone, it says “On the night of May 24, Brown, with four of his sons and two other men, rode to the homes of three pro-slavery settlers near Dutch Henry’s crossing on Pottawatomie of all pro-slavery men living on it .” According to Robert E. McGlone John Brown crossed over people that owned land who were pro-slavery and destroyed the land because they did not think that slavery was evil and wrong. This demonstrates how much John Brown hated slavery and what he would do to get rid of slavery. According to Jed Hotchkiss, it says “ On the 10th after appointing a committee with full power to fill all the executive, legislative, judicial and military officers named in the constitution adopted, this convention adjourned, sine die, and brown took his Kansas party to Ohio, where he disbanded them subject to call, but sending his Capt. John E.

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