Enhancement Therapy Case Study

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Resting on the border of Palm Beach and Broward Counties is the nondescript community of Deerfield Beach, Florida (FL). This quiet community has plenty of beach access as well as several large planned residential communities. It also has its fair share of issues related to drug abuse and addiction. The Serious Nature of Drug Problems in Florida While statistical information related to drug issues in the Deerfield Beach area is inconclusive, city official must remain cautious due to the city 's proximity to high crime areas in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. In 2013, Trust for America 's Health reported that the state was ranked #11 across the nation for drug overdose fatalities. That same year, the Pew Research Center reported there were over 126,000 drug arrest statewide with approximately 40,000 of them coming in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. Since this data viewed on a combined basis paints a disturbing picture, it is incumbent on city officials and residents to make sure area …show more content…

A Snapshot of Drug and Alcohol Rehab Services at (client name) While undergoing treatment at (client name), addicts are assigned a tailored treatment plan that fits their specific needs and circumstances. Among the menu of treatment options are holistic therapy, peer-group therapy (with and without family), motivational enhancement therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and art/music therapy as well as other proven methods. In a group setting, patients are encouraged to work together to form support groups and relapse prevention techniques to be used when away from the facility. If you live in Deerfield Beach and suffer from the disease of addiction to substances, you can take comfort in knowing a quality drug and alcohol rehab center is but a short drive away. The key to recovery lies in your desire to admit you have a disease and you further desire to live a normal life. If you are ready, professional addiction treatment services are available with nothing more than a phone

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