Pros And Cons Of Electronic Prescription Drug Corruption

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The complexities brought about by the involvement of a large number of different agencies and jurisdictions in the investigation and prosecution of drug crimes creates opportunities for corruption. This form of Corruption of criminal justice personnel, by those involved in illegal drugs is principally exercised through bribery. The bribe is often in form of cash though a times the drugs themselves serve as bribes. Any office that works in the criminal justice is a target of the corruption. From local police and sheriffs to state narcotics officers; State Customs, Immigration, and Coast Guard personnel, local, state regulatory officials; and prosecutors and judges at all levels. These drug-related corruption cases are often identified as perjury …show more content…

Law officers, judges and courts have had to take tougher positions against the drug and those accused of possessing it. To convince the state of Texas on the importance of the solutions proposed above, I will advocate at the local and state level for implementation of policy changes to curb prescription drug abuse, such as mandatory electronic prescribing of controlled substances and improved prescription drug monitoring programs. I will also a write a proposal that clarifies the challenges that are faced by law enforcement in fighting drug-related crimes and the proposed solutions to the problems. This proposal will involve input by the community. The proposal will then be submitted to the Legislature of the State of …show more content…

Implementation of some of these proposals may require some economic input and also rely on political goodwill. The principles involved, however - integrity, honesty, ethics, morality, and lawfulness - apply to all cultures, even though they may not present in all cultures. These solutions cannot work without the support of the society as a whole. The shift from the previous zero tolerance that threw drug addicts to prison has softened. Growing number of people are recognizing the need for treating drug addiction as a disease and not a crime. This is a great step towards creating reformed society. There must be support for a corruption free society, and with it, corruption-free law enforcement. We must start by creating a no tolerance for drug use. When drug thirst remains, the addicts will still be willing to pay large sums of money to obtain those drugs. The society thus must reject this vicious cycle, drug abuse must become unacceptable in order to stop police corruption. The fight against drug use is not just an individual’s effort. Fighting drug use and stopping drug abusers requires a collective effort. State governments’ agencies, nonprofit organizations, health care providers and even friends and relatives must work to reduce the number of people willing to buy and use

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