Drug, Drug Corruptiontion And Corruption In Law Enforcement

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The complexities brought about by the involvement of a large number of different agencies and jurisdictions in the investigation and prosecution of drug crimes creates opportunities for corruption. This form of Corruption of criminal justice personnel, by those involved in illegal drugs is principally exercised through bribery. The bribe is often in form of cash though a times the drugs themselves serve as bribes. Any office that works in the criminal justice is a target of the corruption. From local police and sheriffs to state narcotics officers; State Customs, Immigration, and Coast Guard personnel, local, state regulatory officials; and prosecutors and judges at all levels. These drug-related corruption cases are often identified as perjury or theft and not an act of corruption in itself. Furthermore, little research is done to determine how infiltrated with corruption the law enforcement is. In many cases of drug-related bribery, the cartels go through thick and thin and are ready to cough cash to acquire information on law enforcement intelligence, protect a drug dealer, eliminate competitive dealers and or overlook smuggling among other favors.
To understand how the transportation, marketing and sale of drugs such as meth and heroin succeed we must ask why the corruption amongst law enforcement that gives leeway for drug trafficking takes place. More often than not there are complex series of factors in each event that leads to an actual crime thus we cannot narrow

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