Opioid Prescription Drugs

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Over the past years, various issues have faced the United States of America in the health sector in general. Some of these challenges include difficulties in healthcare insurance policies, increasing cancer cases, elevated levels of misuse of prescription drugs, rise in the consumption of illicit drugs, inter alia. These issues have led to escalation of health issues to the American citizens, and in turn, affecting the economic status as well. This research will focus on the subject matter misuse, abuse, and addiction of opioid prescription drugs. It is a compelling issue of concern due to the crisis it has created, as it has made an extensive toll in the society on multiple levels; including …show more content…

Opioid include morphine and heroin among others. Proper use of these drugs for their approved diagnostics usually delivers significant welfares to the ailing patients. However, due to their pleasurable impacts, these drugs are liable to the risk of mishandling, abuse, and eventual addiction. Currently, the United States is in the middle of a pandemic involving opioid overindulgence. The provision of the prescription opioid analgesics is at a high rate in the nation. According to a recent study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (2016), approximately one individual out of five patients established with a pain-related conditions, is recommended to use opioids for their pain. This practice has continued with time increasing the levels of opioid use among different patients. Medical practitioners have contributed largely to the increase of opioid usage because they are the ones who prescribe these drugs mostly to the patients. However, they have established a major challenge facing them on the prescription of these drugs, as there is a confluence of pain control versus the danger of misuse of such prescriptions. These facts have increased the need to curb this situation before it becomes impossible to deal …show more content…

First, there is alarming rise in mortality rates together with other formidable effects initiated by the anomalous use of opioid pain relievers. A study by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (2014) outlines that in 2009, more than 15,500 individuals in the United States died due to overdose on opiate pain relievers, a 300% rise in accordance with its history for the last 20 years. These alarming figures have increased the national interest regarding the climb in for script drug abuse in the United States. An additional cause is the escalating diversion of these drugs. Diversion in association with drugs implies to the illegal usage of licit dugs; and it happens when medications are counterfeit, medical records have been interfered with showing false information that a certain drug has been administered while it has actually been purloined, or when prescriptions go missing or stolen. Drug diversion can pose fatal effects to someone’s life because in most cases the individuals breach the procedures of taking these drugs. These reasons clearly point why it is important to be familiar with cause for the alarm on opioid prescription drug misuse and addiction, before formulating ways to deal with the

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