Alcoholism In Native Americans Research Paper

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Alcoholism has been the consumption of liquor that can create mental behaviors that become dependent on alcohol. Native American and Alaskan Natives are more likely than other ethnicities to die of alcohol related cases. There are different types of issues that can cause them to led this path. What causes them to have so many deaths related to alcoholism? Method can be used to identify whether or not they have an alcohol related problem. There are different tools that people can use so they can screen them. They have many options that they can use in order to get help. There are also many ways that families can help out there love ones to get help. It is hard to get better but it is easy to fall back in temptation. Anyone can…show more content…
Some issues that “Native Americans have the highest rates of unemployment and low rates of high school and college completion, and they are less likely to have medical insurance and access to healthcare” (Native Americans and Alcoholism). They state several issues that can cause them to become alcoholics. Unemployment it creates depression knowing that you can get a job help your family out and it can cause you to turn to drink. Since the Native Americans have a high rate of unemployment it can cause them to go into depression and turn to alcohol. Another thing that they state is that they have low rates of high school and college graduations. Since they aren’t graduating and they go into the world without knowing what to do and since the unemployment rate is down they will go to drinking. The last thing that they stated was the fact that Native Americans don’t have medical insurance or access to health care so it makes it hard for them to get the help they need and if they are in pain then they can turn to alcohol to forget about the pain. “Unlike other cultures that have ingested alcohol for thousands of years, the relationship between indigenous Americans and alcohol is relatively new” (Alcohol: It 's Different For Native Americans). I find this a good problem because it makes sense they have built up a higher tolerance and they end up being addicted to them. There are many issues out there but…show more content…
There are various treatments that you could take in order to get help for alcoholism. Would be getting into rehabilitation this would include counseling and taking medications. Another treatment is Detoxifications is another treatment that you can undergo “Abruptly decreasing or discontinuing alcohol can lead to withdrawal symptoms, usually within 6-12 hours” (Understanding Alcohol Use Disorder – Treatment). This is a treatment is a dangerous one it includes symptoms like agitation, insomnia, and tremors. Another treatment that seems to be taking a lot would be the maintenance of sobriety this would include going to AA taking the steps, going to meeting, and getting a sponsors. The treatment that I would suggest would be AA because I feel with the support they have with their families they can make it thru the steps it would just depend also on the effort they put in, in order to get sober. They also have AA for Native Americans and it is also a 12 step recovery program. Another treatment is dual diagnosis which can treat multiple diagnosis. It is for treatment of alcohol and mental health issues. A treatment that I would us would be Dual diagnosis because some Native American do suffer from mental health issues as well. So I feel that it would help control two different problems all in

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