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ost of us have horrendously bad eating habits! Want proof? Just look at all the overweight people you see. (Perhaps in the mirror?) No worries, our health and our bad eating habits can be easily improved by using the glycemic index food list. Making any lifestyle change can be done in either of two ways...cold turkey or by a more gradual method. The initial change to eating foods that are low on the glycemic index food list is the hardest one. The hard part is really just making the decision to do it, the rest comes pretty naturally. Once you start noticing all the pounds falling away and how much better you feel, you 'll look forward to incorporating even more changes in your diet. The switch can be difficult because... No critique of …show more content…

The "cold turkey" change... The drastic, dramatic change is what most of us try to incorporate. It can be a little more difficult, but with the right tactics, it can show the fastest results. It 's going "cold turkey" from bad foods, but can be done with the right plan. Are you rich and wasteful? Or frugal and counting your pennies (like most of us). The first step in making a dramatic diet change is to get rid of all the bad food options in the house. If you have no temptation you won 't be, well...tempted. You could throw out all your food, or hold off on shopping until …show more content…

Then, either print out a copy of the glycemic index food list, or just write out your own shopping list of foods (with a low glycemic number) and go shopping. Stick to your list... and stock up on food that is good for you and good for your health. If you stick to the list, that means you will have nothing in the house that is bad for you! You are "trapped" into eating healthy foods! Incorporating changes in your diet that are more gradual. Making gradual changes can - counter intuitively - be a little more difficult. But, for some of us, it 's the only way to go. Unfortunately, making the change more gradual, means that you still have bad options in the house and you will be tempted to gravitate toward them. The trick to making a gradual change is that when you go to the store, make it a point to purchase at least one thing from the glycemic index food list. Once you 've made a change - never go back to the old options. Sooner or later, everything in your diet will have a low glycemic index ranking. Now that we know WHAT to do to make the change in our diets, the

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