Healthy People 2020: Criticisms Of The American Diet

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As Woolston (2015) clearly conveyed, “Fatty, unbalanced, and oversized: That, in a nutshell, is the American diet.” With an escalation in fast food restaurants numbers, health food prices, and portion sizes, the typical American diet relics as a death sentence, encompassing fat, cholesterol, and sodium filled meals. Americans typically consume food that occurs quick and inexpensive, not comprehending the effect that this food deposits on their health. Apprehending the impact that the American diet places on health, the “Dietary Guidelines for Americans" serves as a guideline to help Americans rid of their old habits, reaching towards a healthy diet and weight. Overall, many Americans dissatisfy to incorporate the Dietary Guidelines and the Healthy People 2020 Objectives into their …show more content…

Based on the Dietary Guidelines and Healthy People 2020 Objectives, I stand far ahead most of my corresponding Americans, because I genuinely work to improve my health. When contemplating meal choices, I concentrate on low calorie, low fat, and low cholesterol options. I opt for dietary foods containing whole grains, healthy fats, calorie dense, and fresh ingredients. Rather than looking to a fast food chain or grabbing the nearest choice, I research the food I plan to consume and take time to compare my choices. Along with healthy food choices, it stands essential to participate in physical activity, if maximum health remains the goal. I exercise five to six times a week, incorporating cardiovascular, strength training, and flexibility components. While many Americans persist blindsided by the present, I choose to focus on my future health, which ultimately influences my dietary and physical activity choices. To stay healthy, not only for myself but also for my family, I plan on continuing to improve my health and spread the word of American’s deteriorating

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