Sugar Love A Not So Sweet Love Story Analysis

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Dating back to November 16th, 2012 an American might mention the day the famous company Hostess went out of business. Why is it that Americans are so hooked on sugar filled foods that they can even remember a day of a famous snack cake company closing? Richen Cohen took the time to analyze and determine where Americas strange addiction to sugar began. Cohen took the time to evaluate what is going wrong with America, and was able to date it all the way back to 1000 B.C. The author is showing in this article that America’s addiction to sugar is out of hand, while identifying the addiction cycle from the beginning of time.
In “Sugar Love (A Not So Sweet Love Story)” published by National Geographic Magazine, the author Rich Cohen reveals how sugar …show more content…

Common American’s are more concerned with commercials about the newest sugar filled foods rather than a commercial that promotes a fruit company. Then later finding a commercial about a popular diet more intriguing than one for a health club, proving that Americans would rather choose the easy route out of life situations. Living in a first world country we have all the necessary resources to push ourselves to pursuing a healthier life. Why is it that instead we settle and allow ourselves to diminish under the power of food? Johnson mentions, “Americans are fat because they eat too much and exercise too little” (Cohen). There will always be an excuse for putting off exercise. Americans need to realize that without changes in ways, humans can die from multiple causes due to obesity. It not only affects the body’s performance, but overall health. It is believed that sugar is a drug itself. Humans feel the need to have it at all times, believing that their mood depends solely on it. Major sources of sugar, such as soda and candy bars are addicting to some people, almost to the point where they feel they have to have them to function. Of course a drug such as cocaine has a large effect on the body and can even put humans in a life or death situation but sugar also can. Obesity can help attribute to health issues such as diabetes, osteoarthritis, and even sleep apnea. Sugar has not only a toll over our brains but our

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