Processed Food Argumentative Speech Outline

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I. We consume 8,500mg of salt per day, almost all from processed food. This is only one of the many reasons people have poor nutrition. Humans tend to not know the difference between processed and real foods causing the nutrition levels in our society to drop at an alarming rate. For years this problem has been a big factor to obesity and illness. Real food is a single ingredient with no chemicals even if they’re ground and put into a jar. Processed includes chemically processed, refined ingredients, and artificial substances. They have many artificial ingredients with many to zero real food. Using preservatives manufactures can stop spoiling, colorants to make desirable, with flavor and text rants. The production and consumption of processed foods and the artificial ingredients has lead to numerous health related problems in today’s society, including low nutritional intake, over consumption, obesity and illness.

II. The sugar and highly refined carbohydrates in our diet are a big cause of low nutrition.

A. Processed beverages and food is the biggest source of added sugar in our diet.
1. Sugar consumed in excess is harmful with empty calories, no essential nutrients, and has harsh metabolism effects.
2. Sugar can lead to increased cholesterol, increased fat in the liver and the cavity. Associated with heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer.
3. Sugar is the leading cause of obesity and is stored as fat in our body.
B. Processed foods contain lots of high refined

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