The Vegucated Video Analysis

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What we eat affects not only us, but the animals, and the world. After learning the truth about where and how our meat and food products are prepared and the effects they cause on our bodies, I was shocked and disgusted. As a society, we can make a few small changes that will have a big and healthy impact on the world and how we live. Usually when you think about a cow, you picture a large farm, a red barn and cows eating grass. But this isn’t what actually goes on. The following information is located in the “Vegucated” video on Youtube. Most cows we consume come from factories that place cows in a really confined space and feed them slaughterhouse remains, chicken coop waste, candy, corn, soy and plastic pallets. This isn’t just only cows, other animals such as pigs and chickens are treated the same or even worse. Mother pigs are placed in a cage in which they can …show more content…

They don’t even take the time learn about these ingredients, to know their positives and negatives. And it 's because of this processing of foods that people are getting diseases and allergies more easily. Back in the day, they didn’t have processed foods. Most things were homemade or didn’t have those big words like “riboflavin”. But all these big words in the ingredient list on foods isn’t just a problem. Sugar, which is in almost everything, is one of the biggest problems. As noted on, “Is Sugar Toxic”, Dr. Robert Lustig, the lead researcher says sugar links to a number of diseases from obesity to heart disease. He also states that 75% of these are preventable. Studies have shown that when we consume sugar, it’s equivalent to when someone does cocaine. Another study by Dr. Cantley has shown that sugar can help cancerous cells grow and multiply. Doctors recommend at most 100 grams of sugar a day to limit these harmful effects. After hearing this, I was stunned. Soon after I limited my sugar

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