Eating Meat Is Unethical

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In today’s world, there is a division among the people in the world regarding whether or not it is ethical to eat meat. After researching about eating meat and vegetarianism, I have come to the conclusion that it is indeed ethical to eat meat in today’s society. Sure, eating meat might have its drawbacks, but I have found that the benefits of eating meat far outweigh the negatives of eating it. Eating meat not only helps improve people’s health, but it also helps strengthen our economy and it has little difference in the environmental impact that involves in the farming of vegetables. Eating too much of anything usually results in a negative outcome. One can eat an excess amount of french fries and become unhealthy. The same concept applies to eating meat. Excess amounts of red meat will lead to certain diseases including heart disease and obesity. This does not mean that eating meat is unethical. According to journalist Oscar Will, he defends himself by saying that one can eat meat by eating it in portions. Alongside to this, he mentions that eating meat can be even healthier if it is consumed from a locally grown source while accompanying it with a couple of vegetables (Will). In an article by Brenda Adderly called “Amino Acids,” she mentions how there are certain number of vitamins and amino acids that are essential for human health. She mentions how vegetarians are at risk of not obtaining all necessary amino acids as meat eaters when she says, “Carnitine is primary
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