Eating Meat Is Ethical Essay

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In today’s world, there is a division among the people in the world regarding whether or not it is ethical to eat meat. After researching about eating meat and vegetarianism, I have come to the conclusion that it is indeed ethical to eat meat in today’s society. Sure, eating meat might have its drawbacks, but I have found that the benefits of eating meat far outweigh the negatives of eating it. Eating meat not only helps improve people’s health, but it also helps strengthen our economy and it has little difference in the environmental impact that involves in the farming of vegetables. Eating too much of anything usually results in a negative outcome. One can eat an excess amount of french fries and become unhealthy. The same concept applies …show more content…

The meat industry has helped our economy become as strong as it is due the amount of people that consume it. According to an article by Zach Nold, he mentions the negatives of taking out the meat industry from our economy. He cites the EPA when he states, “The beef industry is so important that in the 2000s, it produced $49 billion annually in direct economic output” (Nold). This shows how big the meat industry is in our economy. Keep in mind, these numbers reflect only the beef industry, not including meats such as pork, chickens and other industries that produce meat. Alongside to the economic benefits that meat brings into our society, meat industries also help people from the lower class. Without meat industries, people from the lower class would eventually starve out as their easy and cheap access to food would be taken away from them. Simply eating small grains and vegetables would no longer provide the same amount of nutrients in their diet as previously mentioned in the paragraph above. It is for this reason that eating meat is ethical as taking it away would cause detrimental effects to our

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