Case Vignette Of Traci: Case Study

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Introduction Discharge summaries are important as they act as the finalization of the client’s treatment. Discharge summaries are prepared by the therapist, and summarize the diagnosis, diagnostic procedures preformed, therapy and treatment received, prognosis, and the plan of action regarding the client’s discharge (Mares & Kroner, 2011). Throughout this paper, this writer will complete a discharge summary for case vignette of Traci. Goals Met Traci’s primary issue is that she presents with unspecified depressive disorder as evidenced by her lack of interest in activities she previously enjoyed, as well as the report of Traci’s grades diminishing and consistent sleeplessness. Traci’s secondary issue was that she presented with symptoms …show more content…

Objectives; complete psychological tests designed to assess and track eating patterns and unhealthy weight practices, keep a journal of food consumption, learn and implement skills for managing urges to engage in unhealthy practices (eating or withdrawing) and identify, challenge, and replace self-talk and beliefs that promote these unhealthy patters (Jongsma, Peterson, McInnis, & Bruce, …show more content…

Traci has restored all normal eating habits; no longer picking at her food, or avoiding certain foods, and has maintained a healthy weight. Traci presents with a positive identity and has been able to develop and maintain interpersonal relationships and develop coping strategies to address emotional issues. The therapeutic intervention utilized during Traci’s treatment was Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which helped Traci to understand the adverse effects of the self damaging behavior, implementing focus to eliminate the behaviors, and to develop maintenance (Gowers, 2006). Traci was also taught skills to manage high-risk situations and learned coping skills to deal with stressors. Traci has been able to display appropriate use of these skills over her course of

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