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I think Charlie from the extract of the book Miracle’s Boys by Jaqueline Woodson was the person that had changed the most, in Focus on Change. When Charlie from the book Miracle’s Boys came home from the juvenile detention centre, he had changed a lot. According to Lafayette’s description, Charlie had become as mean as his older brother Aaron. He had stopped telling stories to Lafayette about his past experiences and memories, from before Lafayette was born. He had come back as a new person, namely Newcharlie. I think the text Banking Via a Cellphone and a Shack by Peter Wanacott is the best example of how life changes. People in developing countries have easier access to banking transactions and finance by simply having a cellular phone. The text proves that technology …show more content…

A change doesn’t have to be bad in order for us to dislike it, it just has to be unusual or different from what we are used to. Learn from changes We can all agree, in one way or another, that change equals progress. Even if the change results in many conflicts, we will learn from these changes and learning is always helpful. We might change our diet or change our exercise routines and notice a gain or loss in weight or muscles; either way we have learnt by the changes we did and, at least in my book, that is considered progress. The negative things in changes So, we can agree that change is a good thing, and there is always something positive that comes out of the change, but what about the negative? Is there always something negative in a change? Let’s say that someone who is slightly overweight changes their diet to lose weight; they will lose weight, feel better and probably look better. Although on the contrary, for some people healthy food doesn’t taste as good as unhealthy food; but if the person wants to eat unhealthy rather than healthy because of its taste, then it is up to that individual if he wants to change his diet or not. Adapt to

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