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Argumentative Essay: Is change positive, negative, or neutral? Change is inescapable. No matter which stage one is in life, changes, both of little or major consequence, are bound to happen. As human beings, to fear the concept of change is deep-rooted in our nature. While majority deem change as a negative occasion, it is arguable to consider it as otherwise. With the texts: River and Tides by Thomas Riedelsheimer, “The Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka, and “Magic Island” by Cathy song, we are able to look at change in a positive manner and realize that change comes with multitude of opportunities that allow humans to live better lives and develop wellbeing. Change enables us grow as better individuals, improve our lives, and to start our lives anew. There is no denying that change hosts troubles and upheavals, however, in the end these difficult situations only cause us to grow as better human beings. From Andy Goldworthy’s sculptures in River and tides, we are able to see an abstract demonstration of how upheavals can make one evolve into something greater. Goldsworthy’s sculpture was slowly consumed by water, due to natural variations in water levels–production of tides. Though the water has altered and ruined the …show more content…

Change hosts of multitude of amazing opportunities–an opportunity to learn and grow, an opportunity for new beginnings and finally an opportunity way to improve life. Change should be looked upon as an opportunity instead of a threat. I was one of those many individuals that created a barrier from change and chose to hide. My outlook on change was entirely altered upon my transfer to a new school. Change made me a better and happier human being. Most people are unaware of how change can make life better, but it doesn’t have to be this way. It is up to us to look upon it as something positive and learn how to use it to our own advantage and increase greater levels of

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