Catherine Called Birdy

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Change leads to both positive and negative situations, however concludes in transformation. Whether negative or positive, change will alter aspects, and transform lives. The use of literature enables individuals to accept that change results in growth. Change can have three main perspectives: changing self, changing worlds and changing perspectives. These perspectives are all represented in the novel, Catherine, Called Birdy, written by Karen Cushman, and are also presented in the short story Sky High, written by Hannah Roberts. The protagonist mainly represents changing self because as her diary entries begin, they are short as she is immature, and as she evolves, her entries become more detailed. This enables the reader to see how the protagonist’s life can be transformed.
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This is well illustrated in Sky High, written by Hannah Roberts. One phrase in particular relates to growth and development. The phrase, “There are too many things tying me to the ground”, by use of the metaphor “tied down”, suggests that people may be obstructed with activities such as a job or family matters. This shows that in this sense, a metaphor is an example of the protagonist’s changing self. This contrasts to the protagonist’s previous “daredevil” self. The effect of this phrase on the overall story, is very realistic. These techniques make the reader intrigued as to what will happen next. Also, the use of personification has a very realistic effect. For example, “it’s the washing line I remember first, silver skeletal arms”. This quote illustrates the washing line as being human, able to move in any direction, however this is just in the protagonist’s mind. With new experiences, come new changes. Hannah Roberts’ Sky High shows this extremely well by use of personification and other realistic techniques, which show the protagonist’s

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