Metaphors In Frida Kahlo's Art

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How has artwork transformed itself with the use of metaphors? With many different artwork pieces we have seen through museums or within our textbooks, most would include an underlying meaning. The underlying meaning of the artwork is depicted by the audience and how they would choose to interpret the artwork. For instance, in Frida Kahlo’s self-portrait piece with a thorn necklace and a dead hummingbird, it signifies certain objects to show her own characteristics. Aside from the hummingbird, which could have meant light transcendent or escape, there are also different animals and objects surrounding her in her artwork piece. The animals in the paintings include a cat (signifies on being catty), a monkey (substitute for children she could not have), a butterfly (transformation), and her thorn necklace that pierced her flesh (shows suffering). These animals and objects created a spotlight on her emotional and physical pain throughout her life. Such as these events that we are able to discover in Frida Kahlo’s artwork, metaphors are used to fill semantic gaps when new concepts emerge, just like how it is being used within science. When an image gets produced, it becomes a reference point for other images and the meaning will change according to how the individual will view it. The overall understanding of metaphors used in everyday language comes from learning with one another, just like Lipsitz’s idea of evolution in his book, “It’s All Wrong But It’s All Right”. Metaphors

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