Metaphors In In Search Of Our Mother's Garden

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Metaphors are an influential piece to the literary world due to, “the process of using symbols to know reality occurs”, stated by rhetoric Sonja Foss in Metaphoric Criticism. The significance of this, implies metaphors are “central to thought and to our knowledge and expectation of reality” (Foss 188). Although others may see metaphors as a difficult expression. Metaphors provide the ability to view a specific content and relate to connect with involvement, a physical connection to view the context with clarity. As so used in Alice Walker’s literary piece, In Search Of Our Mothers’ Gardens. In Walker’s writing, her metaphoric message is expressed as a journey to understand elders cruel unjust past life, searching for a connection for her own …show more content…

To be a woman of color, took bravery along with containing the characteristic grace and patience. A woman who was dark skinned, and obtained harsh conditions without an explanation forced to their will, putting their life in jeopardy without a flinch was a Saint. A Saint of creation for an artistic lifestyle, with all the above characteristics of being a heroine for the future. “Black women whose spiritually was so intense, so deep, so unconscious, that they were themselves unaware of the richness they had”, expressed poet Jean Toomer with that discovery of walking the south in the twenties. A time in American History, in which makes me disgusted to know the land we stand on uprose with slavery. These women with beautiful, pure souls were wiped off their self identity and value. They were unknowledgeable of such richness they contained, due to acts of unkind treatment. This treatment passed down caused psychological issues, such as poor self esteem to these women. The actions of being treated as nothing gave them the idea, they were merely dirt on the ground that people walked on. Nothing to the white race they were, but to the generation they created looked to them in awe. Such as Walker, whose point of metaphoric usage is to find her own position in a whirlwind generation she was created

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