Rivers And Tides: Movie Analysis

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Change occurs every day involuntarily. When people encounter change they are limited to only two points of views on it, negatively or positively. Some may react by panicking and going into denial whereas others may try to adapt to it and make the best out of the situation. It can affect one’s life drastically depending on the situation and how they portray it. In the movie “Rivers and Tides” and the story “Metamorphosis,” and the passage, “Simplexity”, change is initially portrayed as positive, but after a series of events it becomes overthrown by negativity. Overall, change is portrayed negatively by the authors. When change is negatively portrayed, there are many options to overcome it. In the story “Metamorphosis” by “Franz Kafka” Gregor …show more content…

In the movie, “Rivers and Tides” the artist Andy Goldsworthy creates sculptures from natural materials, such as stones, branches, leaves and etc. He creates them so they can intentionally get destroyed by nature however this doesn’t always occur. In the movie, his sculpture “Stones” collapses after he loses his caution. He gets frustrated by this since his hour of work gets destroyed in a matter of minutes. This showed the outcome of that change is viewed negatively and change is temporary. His time is wasted and due to that incident, he is forced to start over from the beginning. All the time Andy Goldsworthy has spent on creating his sculpture was gone and can never be taken back. Overall, if change is temporary then it won’t last forever and all the time spent is …show more content…

Positive change can improve one’s attitude. In the story “Metamorphosis” Gregor devotes his life to a job that he hates. Since the beginning of his career, he was in “contact with different people all the time.” He states that, “you can never get to know anyone or become friendly.” The career Gregor pursued never allowed him to make “friends.” This is the reason he isolated himself from his family. Gregor is forced to work in an environment he hates but his transformation overlooks that. He doesn’t have to suffer from his occupation and allows him to spend more time with his family. However, this change only had a positive affect temporarily. He does not have to force himself to earn money but his parents had a different reaction over his transformation. They were frightened and disgusted by him and that led to incarceration. The final results of his transformation resulted in assassination. This shows that although the change may seem positive, in the end Metamorphosis is portrayed

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