Stayclassy Argumentative Essay

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This year’s StayClassy fundraising initiative was record-setting. The State Fundraising initiative was able to raise $111,211 surpassing its goal and breaking records. This was primarily due to matching grants and strong dedication from JSA student leaders. It was a grassroots effort with many individual contributions under $50. Next year, I hope to further improve the State Fundraising initiative on StayClassy and set new records. Like previous years, I will work with JSA alumni, corporations, and foundations to secure matching grants. The matching grants are a good way to spark donations. On top of that, I wish to have a competition between states to see who can raise the most money before Fall State. The winning state will receive a special prize such as an extra $500 into their state’s StayClassy account. …show more content…

This will spark competition between states and further increase fundraising efforts. Moreover, I want to have a competition to see which individual can raise the most money on StayClassy before Fall State. The winner of this competition would receive a free trip to a JSA overnight convention or a gift card. The funds for this would either come from a corporate sponsor or fundraising efforts. Through this competition, I know that we can get more individuals to participate in fundraising. Often times fundraising starts out strong in the fall, but then declines in the spring. To prevent this, I hope to revitalize fundraising in the spring by having incentives for donating. For example, if you raise $50, you can receive a hand written letter from your state’s Governor. These incentives will spark fundraising in the spring. Through new fundraising efforts, I know that we can surpass previous fundraising records and have the most successful year

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