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Beat Auburn Beat Hunger was founded in 1994 by Henry Lipsy, director of West Alabama Food Bank. Lipsy came up with the idea of a friendly competition between the University of Alabama and Auburn to raise canned food for the hungry and needy in the state of Alabama ( ). Over the last 23 years, Beat Auburn Beat Hunger has become the largest organization on campus following after SGA. BABH was created to raise awareness of food deprivation in the state of Alabama. A couple facts to give you a perspective:
“There are 721,875 Alabamians live in poverty, including 244,661 children 919,670 Alabama households are food insecure 5.8% of Alabamians are unemployed
18.6% of Alabamians live below the poverty line
546,684 persons …show more content…

The organization helps feed over 100,000 people at the food bank during the holiday season. With all the donations from BABH, the West Alabama Food Bank is sustained for four to five months (Charland).
Students and faculty have the ability to help out the organization by donating cans for the drive. Red bins will be set out all over campus, in the Ferg, and in the lecture halls, to drop off canned goods. “Anything you can put in your pantry,” Charland said cheerfully when I asked what type of donations BABH was looking for. Besides donating food, students can get involved with the many events lined up for this fall season. October 3 begins the Big Kick Off Event at the Ferg from 11-3 (Division of Student Affairs Beat Auburn Beat Hunger). Students are encouraged to come out and learn more about the organization. Free snacks and beverages will be provided. October 13 from 5-8 is the Chick Fil A Booster Event (Division of Student Affairs Beat Auburn Beat Hunger). All proceeds will go towards BABH. When I asked Charland what she was most excited for this year her eyes grew wide with excitement. Beat Auburn Beat Hunger is partnering with the Athletic Department this year. The organization is making a BABH video that will be shown before every athletic event starting in October (Charland). “It’s a great way to get the word out about what are we are trying to do,” (Charland). Opportunities to donate end November …show more content…

It really is amazing seeing how many people want to help out,” (Charland). But no worries, there are still plenty of opportunities to get involved with the organization. Students are encouraged to donate cans and money for the cause, and to follow BABH on social media for updates on booster events and fundraisers. Students can receive a free t shirt by becoming a Hunger Fighter by donating money for the West Alabama Food Bank. You can also show your support for the organization by following BABH on their social medias as well as using the hashtag #TogetherWeCan

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