Movie 42 And The Indian Horse Comparison

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The book Indian Horse by Richard Wagamese, tells the tale of a young boy named Saul Indian Horse who goes through the struggles of trying to fit in, in a society controlled by white people. Saul tells the story of his life and the challenges he goes through. The change and abuse he receives, and the supports he rarely gets, Saul really showed how he was treated and what it was like to be a First Nations in the 1960s. Just like the book, the movie 42 by Brian Helgeland showed struggles of trying to fit in, in a society controlled by white people. The main character, Jackie Robinson, also showed the changes and abuse he received throughout the movie. He showed how black people were not seen as equals and how people reacted to a black person being in a white person’s territory. Both sources showed the challenge of being different. The challenge of what it’s like to live as a minority. How people can be cruel and condescending just by a person’s race and change is not easy to accept and achieve.

Change is not something that can easily be accepted by everyone. Some people want everything to just stay the same. Others are totally okay with it and accepts whatever comes their way. The way a person adapts to change can show what kind of person they are and it definitely shows in the book Indian Horse and the movie 42. In the book Indian
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Change is something that needs to be accepted in our day to day lives. Through out time everything surrounding us is changing. It is the people who can accept change that will become more successful. Racism occurs in our day to day life. Often you can hear racial comments even while walking down a school hallway. Though the comments from the film and book are from 1947-1997 racism still exists. Many horrible things have happened in society but we need to learn to grow and accept the past as the
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